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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -27,8 +27,6 @@ Note also that Gmail and some providers require you to enable sign-ins from thir ## Installation and Dependencies -> **MacOS prerequisites** - Install `iproute2mac` and `mpv` ( brew install iproute2mac mpv ) - `dialog`, `neomutt` and `offlineimap` should be installed. You also need to have a GPG public/private key pair for the wizard to automatically store your passwords. The whole repo should be cloned to `~/.config/mutt/`. (If you have a previous mutt folder, you'll want to back it up or delete it first.) ``` @@ -37,13 +35,7 @@ git clone ~/.config/mutt You will want to delete or rename your current `~/.offlineimaprc` as well, as although you can later modify the `~/.offlineimaprc` produced by the script, you must have no file there the first time you add your first account or the wizard will assume some settings are already set which aren't. -Just run `` for all the options, to install an account: - -* First, select the "Add an account" option and give the script your account information. -* Second, in a separate terminal, start your mail sync by running `offlineimap` or `offlineimap -a <your account name>`. This will start downloading all your mail for offline access. -* Third, once your mailbox has started to download, reenter the script and select the "Auto-detect mailboxes" open. This will finalize the install and let you open up mutt to see your mail. - -Whenever you want to check for mail, just run the `offlineimap` command again. +Just run `` and choose to add an account. After you do so, you may run `offlineimap` to begin the mailsync, and you will be able to run neomutt and see your mail. ### Non-essential dependencies @@ -54,6 +46,7 @@ The automatically deployed configs will look for certain programs for certain ex + `notmuch` -- for mail searching and indexing set to `ctrl-f`. Be sure to run `notmuch setup`. Remember your mail is in `~/.mail/` when you configure notmuch. + `w3m` and/or `w3mimg` -- for viewing images. Like .pdfs, view in the attachments menu. + A cron manager if you want the autosync feature. ++ `iproute2mac` for Mac users who want the autosync feature. + `mpv` if you want the autosync feature to notify you with a ding on new mail. ### "Wait? The script asks for my passwords?"