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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -14,7 +14,13 @@ dialog, neomutt and offlineimap installed. The contents of this repo should go d * For most accounts, you can jump to sent mail with `gs`, drafts with `gd` and the inbox with `gi`. I haven't worked this out for every domain. * It uses your gpg encryption to store your encrypted password in `credentials/`, where there are also two scripts that allow mutt and offlineIMAP to decrypt the passwords when needed. -## YOU CAN HELP +### Verified to be working with + +Gmail accounts, accounts,, accounts should work 100% already. Still, email me at []( if you run into something. + +Accounts with Yandex, Yahoo, Aol, Outlook, Office 365 and iCloud should work, but the hotkeys to jump from inbox to sent to drafts, etc. won't be automatic because I don't yet know the folder structures of these accounts. If you try the script on these accounts, please check what the structure looks like in `~/.mail/<account name>/` and tell me what you see and I can automate this! + +## You can help! If you use mutt with a particular host or domain, put your server information in `domains.csv`! This will make everyone else who uses your email provider's life much easier! @@ -27,13 +33,6 @@ Mail is stored in `~/.mail`. mutt configs and caches for each account are in `~/ ## Todo * Expand the list of server information in `domains.csv`, including adding spoolfiles/records/postponed folders for each account. -* Write scripts that do the following: - * Stat `~/.offlineimaprc` and the the mutt configs to see what accounts are currently available. (**Done**, currently in ``; needs integration.) - * Delete a profile from above if requested. (**Done**, currently in ``; needs integration.) - * Add a profile above if requested, including: - * An automatic search of `domains.csv` for server information. (**Done**) - * An ncurses menu for inputing server settings if not available in `domains.csv`. (Soon, see ``) - * Differential actions for Gmail accounts since these are distinct in offlineIMAP. (**Done**) - * Configure notmuch with all accounts. - * A prompt for adding encypted passwords for each account available. - * Or directions for adding plain text passwords if desired. +* An ncurses menu for inputing server settings if not available in `domains.csv`. (Soon, see ``) +* Configure notmuch with all accounts. +* Move all scripts into one wizard script, integrating all the options.