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Author: Luke Smith <>
Date:   Sun,  7 Oct 2018 15:47:22 -0400

switch to urlscan

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Mmuttrc | 6+++---
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ accounts. The automatically deployed configs will look for certain programs for certain extra abilities. Consider installing the following for the extra functionality. -+ `urlview` -- Detecting and following links with `ctrl-u` ++ `urlscan` -- Detecting and following links with `ctrl-u` + `mupdf` -- for viewing attached pdfs (`v` to view attachments, then select .pdf) + `notmuch` -- for mail searching and indexing set to `ctrl-f`. Be sure to run diff --git a/muttrc b/muttrc @@ -39,9 +39,9 @@ bind index D delete-message bind index U undelete-message bind index F search bind index,pager R group-reply -macro index,pager S '<sync-mailbox><shell-escape>pkill -RTMIN+12 i3blocks<enter>' -macro index,pager \Cu |urlview\n -macro index,pager ,, |urlview\n +macro index,pager S <sync-mailbox> +macro index,pager \Cu |urlscan\n +macro index,pager ,, |urlscan\n # View attachments properly. bind attach <return> view-mailcap