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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,15 +1,17 @@ -# mutt Offline email setup +# neomutt Offline email setup Mutt is one of the most rewarding programs one can use, but can be a pain in the ass to configure. Since my job is making power-user tools available for the masses I want to create a tool that automates most of mutt configuration so that users can simply give their email address and get a /comfy/ setup. At that, I don't just want a mutt wizard, but an offlineIMAP wizard, so users can easily access their mail offline as well, and a wizard that makes it easy to store passwords securely using gpg. ## Dependencies -neomutt and offlineimap installed. This repo should go directly in `~/.config/mutt/` and run from there. +dialog, neomutt and offlineimap installed. The contents of this repo should go directly in `~/.config/mutt/` and run from there. ## Progress * The main scripts `` can create or add an account from a domain in `domain.csv` to `~/.offlineimaprc` without a problem. * It also creates a email-specific settings for your muttrc, which are outputed in the `accounts/` directory in your mutt directory. + * The script will automatically handle multiple accounts. Each will be assigned a number 1-9, and you can jump from one to another in mutt by pressing `i` and then that number. You can change the numbers by manually editing the macros in `personal.muttrc`. + * For most accounts, you can jump to sent mail with `gs`, drafts with `gd` and the inbox with `gi`. I haven't worked this out for every domain. * It uses your gpg encryption to store your encrypted password in `credentials/`, where there are also two scripts that allow mutt and offlineIMAP to decrypt the passwords when needed. ## YOU CAN HELP @@ -18,6 +20,10 @@ If you use mutt with a particular host or domain, put your server information in Or you can help monetarily via [Patreon]( or [Paypal](! +## Notes + +Mail is stored in `~/.mail`. mutt configs and caches for each account are in `~/.config/mutt/accounts/`. Encypted passwords are in `~/.config/mutt/credentials`. A "personal" muttrc, with the macros for switching accounts and the default config is in `~/.config/mutt/personal.muttrc`. + ## Todo * Expand the list of server information in `domains.csv`, including adding spoolfiles/records/postponed folders for each account.