Script for setting up an email server automatically
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notes on sending mail

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -109,3 +109,17 @@ You can tweak Postfix (sending mail If this script or documentation has saved you some frustration, you can donate to support me at []( + +## Troubleshooting -- Can't send mail? + +- Always check `journalctl -xe` to see the specific problem. +- Go to [this site]( to text your TXT records. + If your DKIM, SPF or DMARC tests fail you probably copied in the TXT records + incorrectly. +- If everything looks good and you *can* send mail, but it still goes to Gmail + or another big provider's spam directory, your domain (especially if it's a + new one) might be on a public spam list. Check + [this site]( to see if it is. Don't + worry if you are: sometimes especially new domains are automatically assumed + to be spam temporaily. If you are blacklisted by one of these, look into it + and it will explain why and how to remove yourself.