Luke's build of suckless's dwm
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      1 # Luke's build of dwm
      3 ## FAQ
      5 > What are the bindings?
      7 This is suckless, mmmbud, the source code is the documentation! Check out [config.h](config.h).
      9 Okay, okay, actually I keep a readme in `larbs.mom` for my whole system, including the binds here.
     10 Press `super+F1` to view it in dwm (zathura is required for that binding).
     11 I haven't kept `man dwm`/`dwm.1` updated though. PRs welcome on that, lol.
     13 ## Patches and features
     15 - Clickable statusbar with my build of [dwmblocks](https://github.com/lukesmithxyz/dwmblocks).
     16 - Reads xresources colors/variables (i.e. works with `pywal`, etc.).
     17 - scratchpad: Accessible with mod+shift+enter.
     18 - New layouts: bstack, fibonacci, deck, centered master and more. All bound to keys `super+(shift+)t/y/u/i`.
     19 - True fullscreen (`super+f`) and prevents focus shifting.
     20 - Windows can be made sticky (`super+s`).
     21 - stacker: Move windows up the stack manually (`super-K/J`).
     22 - shiftview: Cycle through tags (`super+g/;`).
     23 - vanitygaps: Gaps allowed across all layouts.
     24 - swallow patch: if a program run from a terminal would make it inoperable, it temporarily takes its place to save space.
     26 ## Please install `libxft-bgra`!
     28 This build of dwm does not block color emoji in the status/info bar, so you must install [libxft-bgra](https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/libxft-bgra/) from the AUR, which fixes a libxft color emoji rendering problem, otherwise dwm will crash upon trying to render one. Hopefully this fix will be in all libxft soon enough.