Luke's GNU/Linux dotfiles for i3, vim, ranger, bash, mpd, etc.
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      1 # Luke's GNU/Linux Dotfiles
      3 There are my dotfiles! The name of the repo, "voidrice", came from the fact they were originally on my Void Linux machine, but these files are distro-independent. In fact, I now push changes from my X200 running Parabola or my X220 running Arch.
      5 ## Programs whose configs can be found here
      7 + i3 (i3-gaps)
      8 + Xresourses info used by [my st build]( as a terminal
      9 + vim
     10 + bash
     11 + ranger (see full documentation [here](.config/ranger/
     12 + ~~mutt/msmtp/offlineimap~~ Now moved to [LukeSmithxyz/mutt-wizard](
     13 + calcurse
     14 + ncmpcpp and mpd (my main music player)
     15 + mpv
     16 + neofetch
     17 + And many little scripts I use filed in the `~/.scripts/` directory
     19 ## More documentation
     21 There's a full .pdf write-up of the repository [here:](
     23 Or, if you actually installed my dotfiles, you can just press `Super+F1` to
     24 show the same document offline.
     26 In the system, you can also press `Super+Shift+e` to watch tutorial videos on
     27 different programs used. See [my YouTube channel]( for more.
     29 The command `getkeys` will also show basic key binds for different programs.
     31 ## Dynamic Configuration Files
     33 Store your favorite or high-traffic directories in `~/.bmdirs` or your most
     34 important config files in `~/.bmfiles` with keyboard shortcuts. When you add
     35 things to theses files my vimrc will automatically run `shortcuts` which will
     36 dynamically generate shortcuts for these in bash, ranger and optionally
     37 qutebrowser and fish.
     39 ## Like my rice?
     41 Feel free to add other suggestions and I may implement them.
     43 I have a job, but every penny I get from followers or subscribers is more incentive to perfect what I'm doing.
     44 You can donate to me at [](
     45 Donations are earmarked for whatever the donator wants, usually to go to funds for buying new equipment for the [YouTube channel](
     47 # "Dependencies" and programs used
     49 The programs I use here are always changing, but luckily you can just look at the installation list for [LARBS]( here:
     51 + [List of programs installed by LARBS, including optional packages](
     53 `A` marks programs in the AUR, `G` marks git repositories.