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commit d065211d7b86d8acfb102226da15ac8dba7f98b7
parent eee3c5143754de223244c0522fc67037050b9e9e
Author: Luke Smith <>
Date:   Sat, 10 Nov 2018 12:18:32 -0500

unneeded syntax file removed

D.vim/syntax/i3.vim | 110-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 110 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.vim/syntax/i3.vim b/.vim/syntax/i3.vim @@ -1,110 +0,0 @@ -" Vim syntax file -" Language: i3-wm config file -" Maintainer: Emanuel Guével -" Latest Revision: 16 October 2012 - -if exists("b:current_syntax") - finish -endif - -" Symbols -syn match i3Operators "+\|→" -syn match i3ChainDelimiter ";" - -syn match i3Var "\$\w\+" - -" Key modifiers -syn keyword i3KeyModifier Shift Control Mod1 Mod2 Mod3 Mod4 Mod5 - -" Strings -syn region i3SimpleString keepend start='[^ \t]' end='$\|;' contained contains=i3ChainDelimiter,i3Var -syn match i3QuotedString '"[^"]\+"' contained -syn cluster i3String contains=i3SimpleString,i3QuotedString - -" Config commands -syn keyword i3ConfigCommand bind bindcode bindsym assign new_window popup_during_fullscreen font floating_modifier floating_minimum_size floating_maximum_size default_orientation workspace_layout for_window focus_folows_mouse bar position colors output tray_output workspace_buttons -syn match i3IpcSocket "ipc-socket" nextgroup=@i3String skipwhite - -" Command keywords -syn keyword i3Command exit reload restart kill fullscreen global layout border focus move open split append_layout mark resize grow shrink restore show -syn keyword i3Param 1pixel default stacked tabbed normal none tiling stacking floating enable disable up down horizontal vertical both up down left right parent child px or ppt leave_fullscreen toggle mode_toggle scratchpad width height top bottom client dock hide primary yes no all window container to -syn keyword i3WsSpecialParam next prev - -" Exec commands -syn region i3ExecCommand keepend start='[^ \t]' end='$\|;' contained contains=i3ChainDelimiter,i3Var -syn match i3QuotedExecCommand '"[^"]\+"' contained -syn keyword i3ExecKeyword exec exec_always nextgroup=i3QuotedExecCommand,i3ExecCommand skipwhite - -" Status command -syn match i3StatusCommand ".*$" contained -syn keyword i3StatusCommandKeyword status_command nextgroup=i3StatusCommand skipwhite - -" Font statement -syn keyword i3FontStatement font nextgroup=@i3String skipwhite - -" Set statement -syn match i3SetVar "\$\w\+" contained nextgroup=@i3String skipwhite -syn keyword i3SetKeyword set nextgroup=i3SetVar skipwhite - -" Workspaces -syn keyword i3WsKeyword workspace nextgroup=i3WsSpecialParam,@i3String skipwhite - -" Mode -syn keyword i3ModeKeyword mode nextgroup=@i3String skipwhite - -" Comments -syn keyword i3Todo contained TODO FIXME XXX NOTE -syn match i3Comment "^\s*#.*$" contains=i3Todo - -" Error (at end of line) -syn match i3Error ".*$" contained - -" Hex color code -syn match i3ColorLast "#[0-9a-fA-F]\{6\}" contained nextgroup=i3Error skipwhite -syn match i3Color2nd "#[0-9a-fA-F]\{6\}" contained nextgroup=i3ColorLast skipwhite -syn match i3Color1st "#[0-9a-fA-F]\{6\}" contained nextgroup=i3Color2nd skipwhite - -syn match i3ColorDef1 "client\.background\|statusline\|background\|separator" nextgroup=i3ColorLast skipwhite -syn match i3ColorDef3 "client\.\(focused_inactive\|focused\|unfocused\|urgent\)\|inactive_workspace\|urgent_workspace\|focused_workspace\|active_workspace" nextgroup=i3Color1st skipwhite - -highlight link i3ChainDelimiter Operator -highlight link i3Operators Operator - -highlight link i3ExecCommand Special -highlight link i3QuotedExecCommand Special -highlight link i3StatusCommand Special - -highlight link i3Param Constant -highlight link i3Color1st Constant -highlight link i3Color2nd Constant -highlight link i3ColorLast Constant -highlight link i3WsSpecialParam Constant - -highlight link i3Var Identifier -highlight link i3SetVar Identifier - -highlight link i3KeyModifier Function - -highlight link i3SimpleString String -highlight link i3QuotedString String -highlight link i3WsName String -highlight link i3QuotedWsName String -highlight link i3SetValue String -highlight link i3Font String - -highlight link i3ExecKeyword Keyword -highlight link i3Command Keyword -highlight link i3WsKeyword Keyword - -highlight link i3ColorDef1 Define -highlight link i3ColorDef3 Define -highlight link i3ConfigCommand Define -highlight link i3IpcSocket Define -highlight link i3SetKeyword Define -highlight link i3ModeKeyword Define -highlight link i3FontStatement Define -highlight link i3StatusCommandKeyword Define - -highlight link i3Todo Todo -highlight link i3Comment Comment -highlight link i3Error Error