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diff --git a/.scripts/ b/.scripts/ @@ -11,6 +11,10 @@ Starts/kills /dev/video0 webcam. Placed in bottom right by default. ## `compiler` Compiles a markdown, R markdown or LaTeX document with the approriate command. +Will also run `make && sudo make install` if in a `config.h` file. +Otherwise it will create a sent presentation. +This can be thought of a general output handler. +I have it bound to `<leader>c` in vim. ## `crontog` Turns off/on all user cronjobs. @@ -69,6 +73,10 @@ i3blocks module. Shows volume percentage or mute notification. ## `i3weather` i3blocks module. Gets weather forcast from and returns today's precipitation chance (☔), daily low (❄️) and daily high (☀️). +## `` +A Python 3 script which will increase or decrease keyboard lights when given +either a `+` or `-` argument. + ## `killrecording` End a recording started by `dmenurecord` the proper way. @@ -78,12 +86,25 @@ The automatic link handler used by `newsboat` and other programs. Urls of video ## `lmc` A music controller that simplifies music/audio management and improves the interface with i3blocks. Check inside to see what it does. This is what i3 audio/music commands run by default. If you use a difference music system or ALSA, you can change this script rather than changing all the shortcuts in different places. +## `lockscreen` +The screen locker. Gives a confirm prompt and if user says yes, all audio will +be paused and the screen will be distorted and locked and screen will soon time out. User must insert password to unlock. + ## `musstuff` Some old notes and commands on deleted music shortcuts. +## `pauseallmpv` +Pauses all mpv instances by sending the `,` key to each. Used by several +scripts, but can be used alone as well. + ## `polybar_launch` For `polybar` users. Launches `polybar` on every screen. Should be run in the i3 config. +## `popweather` +The script called by clicking on the i3 weather module. Brings up the forecast +from `` and waits for input to prevent immediate closing of +spawned window. + ## `prompt` Gives a Yes/No prompt to a question given as an argument. Used by numerous bindings like `mod+shift+x`, `mod+shift+backspace` and `mod+shift+escape`. @@ -102,6 +123,10 @@ Remove all `.tex` related build files. This is run by my vim when I stop editing ## `tmuxinit` The startup script for the dropdown terminal (toggleable with `mod+u`). Either attaches to an existing tmux session or begins a new one. +## `toggletouchpad` +As the name suggests, turns off TouchPad if on, and turns it on if off. +Requires `xf86-input-synaptics`. + ## `tpb` Search Pirate Bay for the certain search terms given as arguments.