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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,52 +1,39 @@ -# Luke's GNU/Linux Dotfiles +# The Voidrice (Luke Smith <>'s dotfiles) -These are my dotfiles! The name of the repo, "voidrice", came from the fact they were originally on my Void Linux machine, but these files are distro-independent. In fact, I now push changes from my X200 running Parabola or my X220 running Arch. +These are the dotfiles deployed by [LARBS]( and as seen on [my YouTube channel]( -## Programs whose configs can be found here +- Very useful scripts are in `~/.local/bin/` +- Settings for: + - vim/nvim (text editor) + - lf (file browser) + - mpd/ncmpcpp (music) + - sxiv (image/gif viewer) + - mpv (video player) +- I try to minimize what's directly in `~` so: + - All configs that can be in `~/.config/` are. + - Some environmental variables have been set in `~/.profile` to move configs into `~/.config/` +- Bookmarks in text files used by various scripts + - Web bookmarks in `~/.config/bookmarks` + - File bookmarks in `~/.config/files` + - Directory bookmarks in `~/.config/directories` -+ i3 (i3-gaps) -+ ~~Xresourses/Xdefaults settings~~ Now moved to [my terminal (st) build]( which uses them -+ vim -+ bash -+ vifm -+ ~~mutt/msmtp/offlineimap~~ Now moved to [LukeSmithxyz/mutt-wizard]( -+ calcurse -+ ncmpcpp and mpd (my main music player) -+ mpv -+ And many little scripts I use filed in the `~/.local/bin/` directory +## What's not here -## More documentation +My setup is pretty modular nowadays. +I use several suckless program that are meant to be configured and compiled by the user and I also have separate repos for some other things. +Check out their links: -There's a full .pdf write-up of the repository [here:]( +- [dwm]( (the window manager) +- [st]( (the terminal emulator) +- [mutt-wizard (`mw`)]( - (a terminal-based email system that can store your mail offline without effort) -Or, if you actually installed my dotfiles, you can just press `Super+F1` to -show the same document offline. +## What is sort of here -In the system, you can also press `Super+Shift+e` to watch tutorial videos on -different programs used. See [my YouTube channel]( for more. +**If you want the i3 configs, they are in this repo, but in the `archi3` branch.** I don't really update it nowadays, but they're still here. Some other programs I no longer use, like vifm are there too. -The command `getkeys` will also show basic key binds for different programs. +You might've come here from a review I've done on a program and want my configuration files for that program. +I tend to remove configs for programs I don't use to keep LARBS small. For those programs, they will be in the git history if you want to go searching. Please don't email me for configs. I tend to delete old stuff on my local machines so it's no easier for me. -## Dynamic Configuration Files +## Install these dotfiles -Store your favorite or high-traffic directories in `~/.config/bmdirs` or your most -important config files in `~/.config/bmfiles` with keyboard shortcuts. When you add -things to theses files my vimrc will automatically run `shortcuts` which will -dynamically generate shortcuts for these in bash, ranger and optionally -qutebrowser and fish. - -## Like my rice? - -Feel free to add other suggestions and I may implement them. - -I have a job, but every penny I get from followers or subscribers is more incentive to perfect what I'm doing. -You can donate to me at []( -Donations are earmarked for whatever the donator wants, usually to go to funds for buying new equipment for the [YouTube channel]( - -# "Dependencies" and programs used - -The programs I use here are always changing, but luckily you can just look at the installation list for [LARBS]( here: - -+ [List of programs installed by LARBS, including optional packages]( - -`A` marks programs in the AUR, `G` marks git repositories. +Use [LARBS]( or clone the repo files directly to your home directory and install [the prerequisite programs](