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mutt-wizard dox

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diff --git a/.local/share/larbs/ b/.local/share/larbs/ @@ -363,37 +363,12 @@ LARBS no longer uses Xresource by default, but you can still add an \f(CW~/.Xdef .PDF_WWW_LINK "" "the Arch Wiki's article" for more information. .HEADING 2 "How do I set up my email?" -.LI -.ITEM -Install \f(CWneomutt\fP, \f(CWofflineimap\fP and \f(CWmsmtp\fP if you haven't already. -.ITEM -Create a GPG private/public key pair if you haven't already. Type \f(CWmod+shift+e\fP and you can select a tutorial for how to do this. -.ITEM - Download the mutt-wizard repository to the mutt config directory: -\f(CWgit clone ~/.config/mutt\fP. -\fBREAD THE README.\fP -.PP -.ITEM -There run \f(\fP and follow the directions, specifically: -.LI -.ITEM -Add an account. -.ITEM -Run \f(CWofflineimap -o\fP in the terminal. -.ITEM -Then select the "Autodetect mailboxes" option. -.LIST OFF -.LIST OFF .PP -You should then be able to open your mail in mutt with Mod+e. -And this is somewhat of a miracle considering all of the moving pieces that have come together to make this happen. -Honestly, people give me all this credit for making LARBS, but the mutt-wizard is probably my favorite work. +LARBS is automatically set up to be compatible with \f(CWmutt-wizard\fP, which is now in the AUR and can be installed by running \f(CWyay -S mutt-wizard-git\fP. +You can then add email accounts by running \f(CWmw add\fP. .PP -You can, through the mutt-wizard, schedule automatic mail checks every several minutes. -You can also press \f(CWMod-F8\fP at any time to check for new mail in your accounts. -You might also want to run \f(CWnotmuch setup\fP to set \f(CWnotmuch\fP up as a mail indexer. -This will allow quick searches of your mail in mutt with \f(CWctrl+f\fP. -The mailsync script will update the notmuch database once you do this. +Once you have successfully added your email address(es), you can open your mail with \f(CWneomutt\fP which is also bound to \f(CWMod+e\fP. +You can sync your mail by pressing \f(CWMod+F8\fP and you can set a cronjob to sync mail every several minutes by running \f(CWmw cron\fP. .HEADING 2 "How do I set up my music?" .PP By default, mpd, the music daemon assumes that \f(CW~/Music\fP is your music directory.