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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ I use ncmpcpp as a music player, which is a front end for mpd. .ITEM \f(CWMod+]\fP \(en Forward 10 seconds (holding shift increases amount) .ITEM -\f(CWMod+A\fP \(en ncpamixer (general volume sink/source control) +\f(CWMod+A\fP \(en pulsemixer (general volume sink/source control) .LIST OFF .HEADING 2 "Workspaces" .PP @@ -287,9 +287,9 @@ All of these recording shortcuts will output into \f(CW~\fP, and will not overwr previous recordings as their names are based on their exact times. .LI .ITEM -\f(CWPrintScreen\fP \(en Take a scrot screenshot +\f(CWPrintScreen\fP \(en Take a screenshot .ITEM -\f(CWShift+PrintScreen\fP \(en Take a scrot screenshot of only selected window +\f(CWShift+PrintScreen\fP \(en Select area to screenshot .ITEM \f(CWMod+PrintScreen\fP \(en Opens dmenu menu to select kind of audio/video recording .ITEM