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wallpaper and background explanation

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diff --git a/.config/i3/i3_guide.rmd b/.config/i3/i3_guide.rmd @@ -139,6 +139,7 @@ Each of the recording scripts are located in `~/.scripts`. You can check them ou I've mapped those extra buttons that some keyboards have (play and pause buttons, email, webbrowsing buttons, etc.) to what you would expect. + # Special traits of my rice ## Easy config access @@ -167,6 +168,12 @@ Don't like something about the rice? Change it. If you have a problem, try figur EDIT: July 31, 2017. All the feedback I've gotten is tremendous and I'm glad this has gotten so many people into customization! +# Common questions + +## How do I change the background/wallpaper? + +The easiest way is to use ranger, navigate to the file you want as your background, and press `bg`. To be specific, i3 will always be looking to the file in `~/.config/wall.png` for the wallpaper, this ranger command copies the given file there and reruns feh to update it. + # Contact []( -- For questions!