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diff --git a/.config/i3/i3_guide.rmd b/.config/i3/i3_guide.rmd @@ -58,6 +58,14 @@ The i3blocks config is `~/.config/i3blocks/config`, which you can access by the terminal shortcut `cfib`. Notice that the config file refers to several module scripts in the `~/.scripts/` directory. +## Deeper Tutorials + +In addition to this guide and reading the dotfiles of programs manually, you +can also get program-specific information by running the `getkeys` command. +This will give you the bindings of what program you want. You can also press +`Mod+E` (that's a capital `E`) to get be able to watch tutorial videos on +specific programs or concepts directly from YouTube. + # Key Bindings All of the bindings below are in the file `~/.config/i3/config` (easily @@ -65,7 +73,10 @@ accessible by typing `cfi` in the terminal) and can all be easily changed. ## Window basics -Notice the case sensitivity of the shortcuts. +Notice the case sensitivity of the shortcuts.^[To type capital letters, hold +down the `Shift` key---that might sound like an obvious and consedcending thing +to tell you, but there have literally been multiple people (Boomers) who have +emailed me asking how to type a capital letter since caps lock isn't enabled.] Be sure you play around with these. Be flexible with the basic commands and the system will grow on you quick. @@ -167,7 +178,7 @@ I use scrot and ffmpeg to make different recordings of the desktop and audio. All of these recording shortcuts will output into `~`, and will not overwrite previous recordings. -+ `Print` Screen -- Take a scrot screenshot ++ `PrintScreen` -- Take a scrot screenshot + `Shift+Print` Screen -- Take a scrot screenshot of only selected window + `Mod+Print` Screen -- Opens dmenu menu to select kind of audio/video recording + `Mod+ScrollLock` -- Turn on and off screenkey (if installed) for visual typing display @@ -198,7 +209,7 @@ or ranger. Open a terminal and type `cff`. This opens a file when you can keep and create folder shortcuts. There are only a few here now, because I don't know what your -folder structure is going to look like, but on my machine, I have 81 and +folder structure is going to look like, but on my machine, I have 109 and growing. Each line has a shortcut key/keys and its target. These can be used in serveral @@ -259,7 +270,7 @@ the database. mpd is controled by ncmpcpp, which is accessible by Mod+m. + []( -- For questions! -+ []( -- For stalking! ++ []( -- For stalking! + [PayPal]( -- For gratitude!