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commit 139bae724a5c026cad7c984df3125de4cacc45ad
parent 08a3c310e5e91a18cbf89db7399927f1f04ebef6
Author: Luke Smith <>
Date:   Sat,  1 Dec 2018 18:22:42 -0500


M.config/i3/config | 8++++---- | 2--
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.config/i3/config b/.config/i3/config @@ -198,16 +198,16 @@ bindsym $mod+Shift+z gaps outer current minus 5 bindsym $mod+x exec --no-startup-id lockscreen bindsym $mod+Shift+x exec --no-startup-id prompt "Shutdown computer?" "$shutdown" -bindsym $mod+c exec --no-startup-id freealf +#bindsym $mod+c bindsym $mod+Shift+c exec --no-startup-id camtoggle -bindsym $mod+v exec $term -e ncmpcpp -s visualizer -bindsym $mod+Shift+v exec --no-startup-id projectM-pulseaudio +#bindsym $mod+v +#bindsym $mod+Shift+v bindsym $mod+b bar mode toggle bindsym $mod+Shift+b floating toggle; sticky toggle; exec --no-startup-id bottomleft -bindsym $mod+n exec $term -e newspod && pkill -RTMIN+6 i3blocks +bindsym $mod+n exec $term -e newsboat && pkill -RTMIN+6 i3blocks ##bindsym $mod+Shift+n bindsym $mod+m exec --no-startup-id $term -e ncmpcpp diff --git a/ b/ @@ -248,8 +248,6 @@ I use ncmpcpp as a music player, which is a front end for mpd. .ITEM \f(CWMod+M\fP \(en Mute all audio .ITEM -\f(CWMod+v\fP \(en visualizer -.ITEM \f(CWMod+-\fP \(en Decrease volume (holding shift increases amount) .ITEM \f(CWMod++\fP \(en Increase volume (holding shift increases amount)