NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
dotfilesLuke's dotfiles. Named "voidrice" on Github. Luke2019-04-17 13:09
larbsLuke's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Scripts: Auto-Setup & Configure Arch Linux Luke2019-04-16 17:41
lbA fully-featured RSS and blog site generator in less than 100 lines of shell script Luke2019-04-01 00:44
mozillarbsThe Firefox profile deployed by LARBS, with Ad Nauseam, Vim Vixen and privacy defaults Luke2019-03-25 12:51
mutt-wizardA wizard that autocreates an offline email setup for (neo)mutt with isync/mbsync Luke2019-04-22 13:33
stLuke's fork of the suckless terminal: vim-bindings, Xresrouces colors, transparency Luke2019-04-05 19:50